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Who We Are

A look into our mission and principles

Our Mission

The Healthy Kid's Collaborative's mission is to connect health champions to create a Dane County where every child from every neighborhood has the opportunity to be healthy.

With over 150 partners, we work at the state, county, city and grassroots level through advocacy, community involvement, continuous learning and evaluation in service to the children and families of Dane County.


Annual Report

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In 2020, Healthy Kids Collaborative and our partners at the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies, UW-Madison, finalized an Evaluation Plan for the Collaborative.


Complete with evaluation resources and toolkits, the Plan aims for Healthy Kids to evaluate the strength of our work as a coalition and the impact our shared initiatives have on improving the health inequities experienced by children in Dane County. 


The foundation of this plan is the integration of community voice in decisions, in planning and in implementing work around children’s health. The Healthy Kids Collaborative team continually returns to the phrase “Nothing About Us Without Us.” To this end, we have worked to diversify our leadership circles and our partnerships. Additionally, our strategies include ways to include more youth as representatives from an array of communities in decision making spaces.  View the report here.


Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are tools we will use as we recognize that how we work is just as (if not more) important as what we accomplish. These will be used alongside the scope and vision provided to us by the Leadership Council, our community and our funders to keep projects focused and moving towards our shared goals including making our county the healthiest for children and families around healthy food and physical activity environments.

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