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Enjoying Clean Water
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Water makes a big difference in children's wellness.


Along with our partners, we're working to support schools to make drinking water more accessible to students and support other initiatives related to wellness in our schools. 

Want to help? Check out these action steps.

Did you know?

  • 47% of high schoolers indicated in the Dane County Youth Assessment that they drank a sugary beverage at least 1-3 times in the last week.

  • A recent study found when schools provided free water by a non-fountain source, the percentage of students who drank the water doubled.

  • Fewer than one-third of children and teens drink enough water every day.

As we work together to advocate for Water and Wellness in our schools, here are some resources to help!

Action Steps

  • E-mail or call MMSD School Board members to express your support for the water access policy as a part of the MMSD wellness policy. See the attached "Key Points" document for guidance on what to say/email and how to contact the board members. The address to reach all school board members is:  

  • Share and sign the Online Petition

  • The MMSD School Board will review and vote on the Wellness Policy on Monday, June 27.

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