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The Walk or Wheel Challenge

Celebrating walking and wheeling to school every October

Ready for the WOW Challenge?

The WOW Challenge is an annual walking and biking competition between Dane County schools that happens annually in October. The WOW Challenge asks schools to organize and plan activities that are proven to increase walking and biking to school and make it safer to do so.

A group of young students on bicycles -2019 Unity Ride Group Picture
The Walk or Wheel Challenge Logo

We invite you to join other students, families, schools, and teachers across Dane County and take the Walk or Wheel Challenge this October!

This year, it's virtual!

The WOW Challenge is an annual walking, biking, and rolling competition between Dane County schools that happens every October.


No matter where learning takes place this fall– in the classroom or virtually - it is important to get physical activity through walking and biking and encourage student and family health so children are feeling energized, supported, and ready for whatever is ahead.


Therefore, Healthy Kids Collaborative has modified the Walk Or Wheel (WOW) Challenge so students and schools can still celebrate walking and biking with one another, stay active, and win $$$ and prizes.


There are TWO ways to participate in the WOW Challenge in fall 2020:


  1. Schools and classrooms can participate together in our School Competition

  2. Individual students and families can participate by playing Student & Family Bingo

Participation info for schools, students & families:

2020 Participation Guide

Including Suggested Activities for Schools!

Student WOW Bingo Board & Prize Entry Form (English)

Forma de participación y BINGO para estudiantes y familias (Español)

The 2019 WOW Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to Elvehjem Elementary, Lindbergh Elementary, Creekside Elementary, and Madison Waldorf for the amazing job in the 2019 Walk or Wheel Challenge!

The 2019 Walk or Wheel Challenge winners plaque
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