In Spring 2021, we produced the first season of Safe, Strong & Healthy Schools. The conversations featured presentations from physician leaders in pediatrics, infectious disease, mental health, and other relevant fields to addressing questions and concerns about the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on children, especially as it pertained to their participation in in-person school and activities. Please note that this information may no longer be relevant or accurate.​ Click here to return to the main Safe, Strong, & Healthy Schools webpage.

IMPORTANT: These episodes and conversations were recorded in Spring 2021 and the content may no longer be relevant or accurate. Please visit the Safe, Strong, & Healthy Schools webpage to view current episodes. 

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Episode ARCHIVE - March/April 2021


Episode 1

COVID-19: The Basic Science (with Dr. Ellen Wald)

March 8, 2021 | 12 PM

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Episode 2
Safe, Strong & Healthy Schools: The Wood County Schools Experience (with Dr. Amy Falk)

March 8, 2021 | 12:30 PM

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Episode 3

Does COVID-19 Spread in Schools? Transmission Research from Across the Country (with Dr. Greg DeMuri)

March 12, 2021 | 12 PM

Episode 4

COVID-19 Vaccine Question & Answer (with Dr. Jim Conway)

March 12, 2021 | 12:30 PM

Episode 5

Is It Safe to Get Back in the Water? COVID-19 & Sports for Athletes & Parents (with Dr. David Bernhardt)

March 17, 2021 

Episode 6

Physical & Emotional Impact of COVID-19 on Children & Families (with Dr. Mala Mathur)

March 19, 2021 | 8 AM

Episode 7

Adolescence, Interrupted: Special Considerations for Adolescent Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Dr. Emily Ruedinger)

March 19, 2021 | 8:30 AM

Episode 8 - Season Finale

Vaccines, Variants & 3 vs. 6 Feet (with Dr. Ryan Westergaard)

April 15, 2021 | 8:30 AM